Using Your Zodiac Sign, Improve Your Mental Health

You may feel the need to do something right now, especially if you’re in a tough place mentally, Aries.  

After all, you’re a cardinal sign—meaning you’re all for instigating and initiating, so long as it’s on your own terms. 

Taurus—but your steadfastness can certainly have an upside when wielded carefully. If you’re committed to a practice, be it for your mental health or otherwise 

You are characterized by your restlessness more than most, Gemini. You’re constantly acquiring information, processing it, and committing it to memory. 

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You’re known to be in tune with your emotions, Cancer—often to the point of deep sensitivity. Indeed, you may lean on your emotions as the dominant force 

You may be best known for your confidence, Leo, but that doesn’t mean you don’t struggle sometimes, too. 

Ever the perfectionist, you tend to approach everyday tasks from a determined, detail-oriented lens, Virgo. 

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