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Top 10 Most Common Health Problems For Cats

A cat's health is seriously threatened by kidney illness.  Failing kidneys, which are crucial to your cat's daily activities, might even cause death if neglected.

Kidney Disease

Diarrhea is a common occurrence, but what does it indicate for cats?  Your cat has diarrhoea symptoms if they have a loose, watery, or inconsistent faeces.


A prevalent issue in cats is periodontal disease, sometimes known as "gum disease," which develops when plaque, a type of bacteria, builds up on the teeth's surface.

Dental Disease

It happens frequently for cats to be startled or distracted and to fall from rooftops or trees or to be bowled over by oncoming cars.

Broken Bones

The majority of the time, it will be an allergic reaction to anything, yet it could also be a simple nasal tickling.  But, if your cat also exhibits these symptoms, they will require care:


Both dogs and cats were susceptible to this parasite, but thanks to current vaccines, most instances in Australia are now avoided.

Heart Worm

Despite the fact that current immunisations have mostly eliminated most instances in Australia, this parasite used to harm both dogs and cats.


Although FIV cannot be cured, it can be managed.  FIV-positive cats will need ongoing care to ward against infection for the remainder of their lives.


All of the malignancies that affect people can also affect cats, including lymphoma, melanoma, breast cancer, and even prostate cancer, to mention a few.


Obesity is another prevalent problem in Australian cats, one that is frequently overlooked or not given much attention.