The most popular American dog breed

There is only one purebred breed of dog recognized for its truffle-finding skills, and that breed is the lagotto Romagnolo. The dogs are used all around the Italian countryside to find delectable fungi. 

Like other bull terriers, this breed was originally bred to fight. However, these dogs have happily transitioned into loving companion dogs in the modern day. 

Disney loves this long-haired breed. Not only did an Old English sheepdog star in "The Shaggy Dog," animated versions of the breed appeared in "The Little Mermaid" and "101 Dalmatians." 

Scottish terriers were all the rage in the United States during the 1930s. They even charmed President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose Scottie, Fala, was called the "most photographed dog in the world." 


St. Bernard Beethoven thanks to the breed's starring role in the family film franchise of the same name. That 1992 movie and its subsequent sequels displayed St. Bernards as slobbery-yet-loyal beasts 

Akitas hail from the mountainous region of Japan where they were used to track and hunt wild boar, deer, elk, and bears. 

Like greyhounds, these quiet dogs are also quite fast. The sporting breed was a favorite among textile workers in the 1900s, many of whom are responsible for introducing the sleek dogs to America. 

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