The 13 Best Anti-Aging Food

Green tea is a real anti-aging all-rounder! It provides us with liquid, frees our body from excess waste products, and is full of antioxidants. 

Weintrauben Some say that red wine can have a healthy and rejuvenating effect due to the polyphenols known as resveratrol (useful compounds that are naturally found in fruit and veggies), that it contain

Pomegranate Pomegranates actually belong to the berry family, and provide us with vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E as well as folic acid, and beta-carotene (red/orange pigment found in many fresh fruits and vegetables) which when consumed

Tomatoe Tomatoes contain many carotenoids, which help our skin to protect itself from sun and UV rays. They are also rich in lypocin, which binds free radicals and protects our cells from premature aging.


Berries The intense color of berries is due to a cell-protecting substance called anthocyanin. This also has a vasoprotective effect in the human body, and is said to prevent the formation of varicose veins and tumors. 

Fatty Fish The omega-3 contained in fatty fish helps to keep the brain young and fit. Vegetarians and vegans can of course also resort to flaxseed, linseed oil, walnuts or microalgae 

Leafy Green Veggie Potassium is found in large quantities in green leafy vegetables, and that has a rejuvenating effect on our cells and can even improve our brain power when consumed regularly.

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