Like Big Dogs? You'll Love These Puppies

But before they get to those awe-inspiring heights and weights, they're cuddly, adorable puppies just like all dogs. And when you see pictures of these large dog breeds, they're sure to melt your heart.  

Keep in mind that even though they're cute like other puppies, larger dog breeds can't necessarily be treated like other puppies. 

One thing you'll need to understand with a Saint Bernard is they have no concept of personal space. Not when they're puppies and not when they're fully grown.  

These dogs will think they're a member of your family from the moment they step into your house — and they'll want the affection that goes with that.  


Considered the largest breed in the world, English Mastiffs can easily pass 200 pounds when they're full-grown, which will have them outweighing most members of any given household.  

Great Danes have a great reputation for being easy to train, so you'll want to start that training as early as possible — which means taking advantage of the precious few months 

Great Danes are going to want to be lapdogs no matter what the age, so you might as well enjoy the times as a puppy when they can actually fit in your lap. 

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