Professionals' Favorite Wedding Nails 

Choosing the right bridal manicure colors can get lost in the flurry of wedding planning.  

Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec says brides prefer pastel pinks, soft nudes, and translucent whites.  

There are still plenty of hues to make you feel your finest on your wedding day. 

A good manicure—cuticle work, polish, shaping, and top coat—is enough.”  

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Kandalec and manicure specialist Sonya Meesh discuss brides' favorite wedding nails, from flashes of color to metallics. 

Read on for inspiration and expert advice on how to keep your mani through the big day and beyond.  

“These colors are elegant and understated, and they complement many bridal styles and color schemes.” Pale pink not your thing?  

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