Dog Breeds That Can Kill Human

no surprise to most people who study dangerous dog breeds, the pit bull is the most dangerous dog. While not a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, “pit bull” is a catch-all used to include 

Before pit bulls became popular as deadly dogs, rottweilers were the most hazardous breed. These canines can reach 25 inches tall and 120 pounds and be healthy.

German shepherds have been used in military and police operations for decades. These powerful, intelligent, and lethal dogs can kill people, so this choice makes sense.

American bulldogs are still formidable working animals. These canines can weigh over 100 pounds and stand just about 30 inches. The hefty, muscular dogs are dangerous when they attack


Siberian huskies are valued for their wolf-like looks. You shouldn’t be too surprised to find out that dogs sharing looks with wild animals behave a little like them.

Labrador retrievers are hunting dogs bred to work with humans. Large dogs, they can weigh 80 pounds and stand 2 feet tall. Labradors are trusted and family-friendly, making them poor guard dogs.

Researchers say that this dog was a very playful and affectionate dog breed that loved to befriend strangers by rubbing against people like a cat. 

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