Most People Regret Getting These Dogs

Getting a dog is exciting, especially for kids. New dog parents, however, are often sent reeling when the realities of ownership hit. 

As a rule of thumb, choosing a dog breed based on looks is a big mistake. The following highly popular breeds are amazing in the right hands 

Jack Russells are tiny fireballs, and most owners don't realize quite what they're getting themselves into when they sign up. 

Jack Russells are intelligent, curious class clowns, but they're also energetic to an extreme. If their energy and high prey drive aren't channeled into exercise 

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Dachshunds are beloved in the dog community, but they're not for everyone. Just because mini dachshunds are small doesn't mean they're low-maintenance. 

They can be great with kids, but caution should be taken during playtime. Their long shape makes them more likely to injure their backs  

Samoyeds are the friendliest, most loving dogs imaginable, but lovability doesn't always equate to being low-maintenance. 

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