How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Despite the fact that they may look at you with pleading, doe eyes, it’s important to remember that training your dog will take some time. 

Dogs have been human companions for centuries. They know that part of their job is to be your buddy who makes you happy 

You may eventually want your dog to know and identify a whole slew of toys so you can impress the neighbors — and that’s an excellent goal to have.  

And if the way you’ll be happiest is that they learn to listen more intensely and learn what it is you’re attempting to communicate, it won’t take long before you’ll have a world-class floppy-eared student on your hands. 


Don’t give in immediately to their begging or let disruptive behavior continue for too long simply because you’re frustrated or think they can’t learn. 

Also, remember that they’re not going to always understand everything on their first try. Keep your patience for them high so neither one of you gets frustrated and associates training with anger 

Dogs with white fur need more than just regular shampoo. They need a shampoo that also removes discoloring stains (e.g., urine and food stains) that are more obvious on white coats. 

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