Dog breeds with the shortest life

the Borzoi makes an immediate impression with its long, thin frame and luxurious, silky coat. These dogs can be stubborn and almost cat-like in temperament, but are affectionate, if reserved, with their owners 

The giant schnauzer is bold in both appearance and personality: This dog stands as high as 27.5 inches at the shoulder, weighs nearly 100 pounds, and has a distinguishing beard.  

The Ibizan hound's tall, lean physique and upright ears give it a quizzical, curious look. These dogs were bred to chase down rabbits, so they need lots of exercise and room to run. 

These white, fluffy dogs look perpetually happy, thanks to their curling tail and smiling mouth. In fact, Samoyeds are usually joyful dogs who love playing with their human companions and other dogs. 


The markings, silky-soft coat, and gentle personalities of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel have attracted quite a fan club. 

Boxers' bright eyes and pointy ears show off their alert, fun-loving, and sometimes goofy personality. This highly popular dog breed is patient and protective 

The second most popular dog breed in the United States doesn't live for a long time: German shepherds live, on average, just over 10 years. 

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