21 September Nail Ideas for Fall

This mismatched mani nails it with shades of caramel, cream, olive, and red. It's equal parts summer and fall, making it a beautifully cohesive manicure option for this transitional period. 

Create a high-contrast nail look with a single color by opting for a dual-finish manicure. Here, you can see how matte and glossy black polish combine for a bold effect. 

use the last few weeks of the season to stop and smell the flowers—or put them directly on your nails to remind yourself to live in the moment and reflect on summer 2023. 

Prefer nude nails but want to add a sparkly pop of color? Instead of reaching for glitter polish, consider adding autumn-toned gems to your manicure. 


Given this nail look's intricate design, you'll likely need a pro's expertise to recreate it. That said, you can always try your hand with a fine-lining nail art brush. 

Shades of green are great for September, as it's the last month of the year where green foliage is the norm. We love how this milky-marbled mani creates an artsy, abstract vibe. 

With that in mind, we love the idea of a butterfly-themed manicure for the month. This one by nail artist Brittney Ellen features wing accent nails alongside classic French tips. 

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